Mar 17

Weekend Fun – taking the kids out

Before your children have to cram their time with their studies or their social life, take advantage of week-ends to share the multiple activities on hand close-by. Everyone will benefit from these past-times as they will not have spent time in front of the tv nor on their video games: the further advantages of outdoor fun are that they have acquired a healthy appetite, learnt a skill, socialised with other peers rather than school mates, knowing that you also are participating in their time positively while can take your mind off the daily grind, enjoying the day and share it all with the local parents or residents. A terrific all-rounder!

Free and/or cheap

Time to tighten your belt well help is on hand as there are plenty of local clubs and churches who offer sports and training for little or no money with volunteer organisations sprouting up. Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch or picnic if the little ones are not soaking wet or muddy from rugby and enjoy the togetherness and recounting of the event!

horse riding


You can either register the children at the local or the nearest boat club which does not necessarily mean river or lake but a reservoir: there are clubs who specialise in families learning together or individually in age groups. This will combine both their swimming prowess and communication skills which together can save lives, build up their confidence while having a fantastic time.



Join a club or the local courts where you can learn to coordinate your hand and eye with your footing while exercising: this is an amazing sport that can withstand the length and breadth of time because it can be enjoyed throughout your life, keeping you alert both physically and mentally. It is also a perfect chance to mix with different people and develop long term friendship based on a shared interest.

Horse-back riding

Give the kids a taster of this majestic sport by volunteering at the local farm and they will pet, feed and clean ponies (see above) then horses as they grow older. Once they are at ease with the environment, they can start learning to ride, expanding on their love for nature and all its wonders through animals. You may find yourself with a budding vet! Afterwards they can see how the races can move at the speed of lightning take a look at www.kempton.co.uk another great outing for all!


Develop and entice the kids to attend art classes combined with ceramics where they can explore their creativity without being forced into a syllabus. From here they will crave the museum and galleries to open their minds to the vastness of colour, shape and form on all creative platforms. Museums now hold their extraordinary workshops that start from early years onwards plus there are sleepovers for those special birthdays where you can invite all thirty of their friends while never worrying about the mess afterwards!

Happy and fulfilled week-ends to all!


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