Jul 05

Top summer parenting tips..

playing outside ‘Top 5 Tips for Parents’ – things that parents can do this summer to help keep their children fit and healthy.

1.   Eat healthily.   Read the label – Make sure you understand everything about the food you’re purchasing.

2.   A colourful plate mean lots of food variety and healthy veggies. Bring as many food types as you can to the table, and the more colour you see, the better you’re doing.

3.   Physically engage with your children. Spend your time together being active. Change those days on the sofa for a walk, switch the cinema for a day in the park.

4.   Let your child lead. Be sure to make sure you’re not just playing a sport you want to. Would your child rather play catch than football? – encourage them to maintain an active life.

5.   Have a ‘no technology day’. It’s all too easy to be in front of a television playing on the iPad. Remove technology for just one day, and notice the rewards of getting outside and the impact that can have on health and on your relationship.


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