Oct 02

That perfect Sunday roast

Roast DinnerWe have to admit we all LOVE a good Sunday roast. It may not be our favourite thing to cook as it takes time and preparation (and there’s usually a fair amount of washing-up to be done afterwards too), but we all love sitting down to a good hearty home cooked roast dinner.

Roast chicken

To achieve the perfect roast chicken (and miles tastier than the rotisserie one from the supermarket) pre-heat your oven to the highest temperature and then turn down to 200°C when you put your chicken in.

Place a well pricked lemon in your chicken’s cavity to give it extra flavour before popping it in the oven. When you take your chicken out of the oven cover it with tinfoil and a tea towel until you are ready to carve.

Roast beef

A lot of people are afraid of cooking a roast beef in case they under/over cook it. The key to this is pay attention to the cooking times and if you like it medium-rare, take it out five to ten minutes early. For well done, leave it in for an extra ten to fifteen minutes.

As with the chicken, when you take your beef out of the oven cover it with tin foil and a tea towel  while you prepare your gravy and trimmings. Don’t forget to baste your meat halfway through cooking either!


Roast veggies are just as important as the meat. If the veggies aren’t up to par the roast is a disappointment. Par-cooking/boiling is key when it comes to roast root vegetables. Once parboiled, toss them in flavoured oil and roast until golden and crisp.

If you put these in when the meat has about 40 minutes left to cook you’ll have more room in the oven to move them up a shelf when the meat is out. If you do not have the time to cook your own roast potatoes, try some frozen oven cook ones.

Some of these are just as good as doing them yourself. If you’re stuck for which ones to try, choose McCain. They’re known for their delicious potato treats!


Top any roast dinner off with a super scrummy crumble, it doesn’t matter if it’s home cooked or shop bought; a good crumble is the perfect ending to any roast dinner providing it has lashings of fresh cream!

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