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Jan 04

Ever wish you could have family time, all the time?

Happy New Year everyone … Have you made any news years resolutions ? You’ve no doubt had a wonderful break and time with family and friends over the past few weeks. Don’t we all wish it could go on forever but sadly reality is back along with the daily routines of school and work. My …

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Feb 08

Lessons in “digital parenting”: is giving your child a smart phone actually dangerous?

You know the old argument: “I gave my child a phone so he/she can feel safe and so that I know where he/she is at all time”…Well think about it very carefully. What does your child actually have access to on his/her smart phone? Unlimited bullying, a pricey electronic gadget thieves particularly lust after, the …

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Mar 14

Too Much Technology?

Technology today is a bit overwhelming at times! Our children have, from a very early age, television, iPods, mobile phones, Nintendo DS, Wii and laptops. The list builds the older they get! Should you put your child on a Media Diet? Is there just too much technology in their lives? My daughter, age 2 1/2, …

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