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Apr 26

Does your pre-teen have a Facebook page?

It’s all too easy for 11 / 12 ‘somethings’ to want to be part of the social network scene – why? – because their peers do and it appears it’s the way most now communicate. I wonder why that is – I know technology is second nature to kids nowadays but how sad it is …

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Mar 30

Social Networking Safety

Social networks like Facebook offer children a great way to express themselves and keep in touch with family and friends. But there are potential risks including cyber bullying and the misuse of personal information. As a parent it’s really important you familiarise yourself with social networks to support your children, but how do you go …

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Oct 25

Cybersafety or Cyberspying

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more an more prevalent with younger and younger children. I have a 13 year old nephew who has a Facebook account and has done for over a year. While most school-aged children tend to linger on Facebook and My Space, Twitter is becoming more popular. The …

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