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Apr 20

Girl aged 6 handcuffed and put in cell !

What do you do when your child is having a tantrum ?  How do you control it, stop it? Most mothers know the signs, the triggers and have a way to resolve it, but not before you cringe with embarrassment. Most children’s tantrums die down as they get older but every so often even my …

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May 26

Twenty, 14 year olds at my daughters school were suspended last week for minor drug taking! Gasp!

The story unwinds:  one girl brought the ‘poppers’ into the school having exchanged her watch for these substances at a party. I don’t suppose she had much idea what they were or their consequences; it was fun, a daring act, one that might make her popular, even hip/cool – she offered them around to her …

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May 09

Is your child’s school a place of inspiration?

The children at one of Hartlepool’s biggest nurseries are getting ready for a summer of fun as £10,000 is invested in an educational and exciting new garden for them to explore. Backed by Hartlepool Borough Council, the new owners of Clever Clogs Day Nursery are transforming the current garden into a safe, educational and relaxing …

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Apr 27

Royal Wedding Preparation

The event of the year will be taking place this Friday as we all are well aware by now. Whether you’re a royalist or anti-royal, it will be a day of celebration for the country. The only question remaining is: how will you be celebrating? Most schools will be off and many businesses will be …

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Mar 30

Social Networking Safety

Social networks like Facebook offer children a great way to express themselves and keep in touch with family and friends. But there are potential risks including cyber bullying and the misuse of personal information. As a parent it’s really important you familiarise yourself with social networks to support your children, but how do you go …

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Mar 29

Top 5 Baby Products

Becoming a parent has a lot of challenges. Facing sleepless nights, choices over breast or bottle, deciding on being a Stay-at-Home-Mum or going back to work, all of those firsts. After a bit of time under your belt you become much more savvy, don’t you? You start to look at other parents and expectant parents …

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Mar 22

Taming Toddler Temper Tantrums

Over the weekend we experienced what every parent fears…a full-on temper tantrum IN PUBLIC! The morning was going so well and then something snapped. Our daughter completely lost it…over NOTHING! It descended into screaming, kicking, BITING and uncontrolable rage on her part and utter dismay, humiliation and disbelief on our part. Surely this couldn’t be …

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Feb 16

Best Family Holidays

It’s nearly half-term and although it’s a little too late to be planning a big holiday get-away for the family, there is plenty of holiday time to look forward to this spring and summer. The months of April and May will find our kids barely in school at all thanks to Easter, The Royal Wedding …

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Feb 09

Speedo’s Learn to Swim Campaign

My daughter starts her swimming lessons on March 1st – there are two classes of 60 girls so one class goes the first term up to half term then the second class takes to the pool from half term to the end of the summer term. She is so excited – there is still some …

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Dec 03

Cot Mattress Safety

We would like to introduce you to the Cot Mattress Factory. With over 200 years experience in making mattresses for our little darlings – cot, crib or pram mattresses. You can have your mattress made to measure or purchase from their exclusive range. Here is some advice from the experts: When buying a baby mattress …

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