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May 25

What type of parent are you ?

All parents want their children to be happy. We should aim to love them for who they are, not who we would like them to be, nor for what they achieve. What kind of parent are you? The experts tell us that the most all round and happy child comes from the parenting style that …

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Jan 18

My New Year’s resolution: be a better parent

StreetSmartKids are so excited to introduce childalert’s new mummy blogger Charlotte Kan. Charlotte is a free lance journalist with 10 Years experience in print, broadcast and internet media. She has two young boys of 4 and 21/2 years – what a handful! But being in the ‘deep end of motherhood she understands childalert and the …

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Jan 13

When your baby sleeps Mum must rest

My kids have a new cousin Louisa – very cute very beautiful but a headache for her new parents, especially at night. The problem is that Louisa will only fall asleep sucking a boob – so when she wakes up at night (four times…) she needs it again Her mum says  ‘I thought at x3 …

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Nov 21

Good Parents Getting Better – Toddler Trials

Our Guest post today is from relationship coach and mum-of-three, Ali McCloskey To see her online parenting courses go to goodparentsgettingbetter.com As many of the parents I have worked with over the years have discovered, the dreaded toddler tantrums don’t necessarily start and end at two years old but, in reality, can begin any time …

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May 26

Twenty, 14 year olds at my daughters school were suspended last week for minor drug taking! Gasp!

The story unwinds:  one girl brought the ‘poppers’ into the school having exchanged her watch for these substances at a party. I don’t suppose she had much idea what they were or their consequences; it was fun, a daring act, one that might make her popular, even hip/cool – she offered them around to her …

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Mar 29

Top 5 Baby Products

Becoming a parent has a lot of challenges. Facing sleepless nights, choices over breast or bottle, deciding on being a Stay-at-Home-Mum or going back to work, all of those firsts. After a bit of time under your belt you become much more savvy, don’t you? You start to look at other parents and expectant parents …

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Mar 22

Making Motherhood Work

Channel 4 is looking for mums! North One Television is currently producing a celebratory documentary about motherhood. For the project they are looking to find outspoken mums who have strong views about motherhood, who are very focused on bringing up their children the best way possible, who have a specific parenting strategy or who have …

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Mar 07

Separation Anxiety for Parents

I sent my daughter to nursery for the first time this year. She’s 2 1/2 years old and the only people who have ever looked after her, prior to attending nursery, were her grandparents or a close friend who has a daughter the exact same age and we’ve known since the girls were 3 months …

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Feb 11

Parenting with a Guilty Conscience

In Thursday’s Daily Mail there was an aticle about mothers who use the internet and social networking to fill their days. The author, Liz Fraser, talked about her own experiences with the internet and social networking sites like Twitter. She found that on more than one occasion she was distracted by the internet which affected …

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