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Feb 07

Safer Internet Day : Connecting Generations

You know the internet can be a wonderful platform for children to learn and communicate, but you also know that it can be a dangerous place. So have you done what you should as a parent and blocked some sites, put some filters in place, checked their latest browsing history? It’s not about intruding on …

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Oct 20

Are parents online too much?

1 in 4 mums spend more time online than with children A study by the UK’s leading discount website of 1,201 mothers has found that 21% of respondents spend more time on the Internet throughout the day than they do with their children. Research has found that chat forums, social networking sites and gaming sites …

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Oct 18

What do you fear most?

A MORI poll of 1000 parents was asked what element of safety they most feared for their children They said: Road safety – drink driving Unable to get a job – lack of focus Computer games / Internet – peer pressure Victim of street crime/physical violence Friends who are a bad influence Abuse by an …

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