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May 26

Twenty, 14 year olds at my daughters school were suspended last week for minor drug taking! Gasp!

The story unwinds:  one girl brought the ‘poppers’ into the school having exchanged her watch for these substances at a party. I don’t suppose she had much idea what they were or their consequences; it was fun, a daring act, one that might make her popular, even hip/cool – she offered them around to her …

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Feb 18

Hot off the Press-18 February

There are several interesting stories in the media this week. Have a look at some of the news making headlines in the UK and share your opinion below: We’re all concerned about our children being safe and protected when online aren’t we? BT is launching an online safety campaign in March which will do just …

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Feb 07

Hot off the Press- 9 February

Street Smart Kids is proud to bring you the latest news, hot off the press! Parents of children under the age of three will either be firm supporters of Cbeebies’ Justin (aka Mr Tumble) or will grit their teeth and grudgingly admit that their children are huge fans. Parents will be breathing a sigh of …

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Jan 31

Hot off the Press 31 January

At Street Smart Kids blog we try to bring you the latest and greatest news stories related to parents and parenting. Here’s some of this week’s best. What are your thoughts? Let us know! Visit Childalert for more exciting information throughout the week. How do you feel about partners being allowed in the delivery room …

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Jan 24

Hot Off The Press- 24 January

Every week, Street Smart Kids and Childalert website will bring you the latest news, hot off the press. The stories we bring you will focus on the hot topics in the news, important information for parents and the latest safety highlights. Being a stay-at home dad ‘tiring but very rewarding’ Parents should be taught how …

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