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Apr 26

Does your pre-teen have a Facebook page?

It’s all too easy for 11 / 12 ‘somethings’ to want to be part of the social network scene – why? – because their peers do and it appears it’s the way most now communicate. I wonder why that is – I know technology is second nature to kids nowadays but how sad it is …

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May 18

How to Disable Photo Tagging in Facebook

Despite photo tagging being one of the more popular features on Facebook, some people may find it annoying and intrusive when it happens without their permission. Moreover, figuring out how to disable or “opt out” of photo tagging isn’t as simple as it should be; digging through Facebook’s Privacy Settings can quickly become an overwhelming …

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Mar 30

Social Networking Safety

Social networks like Facebook offer children a great way to express themselves and keep in touch with family and friends. But there are potential risks including cyber bullying and the misuse of personal information. As a parent it’s really important you familiarise yourself with social networks to support your children, but how do you go …

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Dec 06

Kids Do the Funniest Things!

If you are a parent of a toddler, there will be some point in your life where your child will have done something ghastly. They’ll have dumped out the contents of your handbag and smeared lipstick all over their face. They’ll get a hold of the Sudocrem and will be lovingly spreading it all over …

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