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Oct 03

A child goes missing every 5 minutes!

We are all concerned, shocked and worried sick about little April Jones who got willingly into a van two days ago while playing outside her home. We all prayer that they find her safe and well. In the UK around 140,000 children a year get lost or go missing, that is over one child every …

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Sep 24

Connect with Respect

Each year Safer Internet Day encourages parents and children alike to think about their internet usage and values – what agreements should be in place to avoid over use or misuse, how misuse of the internet can be registered and handled, how to stop bullying and addiction and much more. Normally we give advice to …

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Jun 22

Finger food hazards

This is the story of when an innocent grape given to a toddler to snack on became life threatening. When Luke was 14 months old he was given a few grapes as a snack only to find one got caught down his wind pipe and he was unable to breath. Limp and unconscious he was …

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Jan 23

Choosing an au-pair: the dos and don’ts

I am becoming a bit of an expert at choosing au-pairs. We’ve had four – the latest is spending her second year with us, and quite frankly, shows no signs of wanting to leave. People unfamiliar with this convenient, friendly, fun – and cheap – method of childcare often ask me ‘How do you select …

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Nov 18

BBC CHILDREN IN NEED do all you can to raise money

Watch this  ….. Pop goes the musical! [vsw id="zq6MKoZLMnw" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Tell us what you are doing TODAY for BBC Children in Need ?        

Jul 11

Dont forget about deaf children….

‘We believe that with the right support, deaf children can do anything other children can do’- NDCS

Jun 27

I was horrified when I read this article about Adders in the Telegraph …….

A year ago a gardener friend rang me to say that I had a large number of snakes in my garden and that he thought they were Adders … and there were plenty more eggs waiting to hatch.! I went into overdrive wondering what to do, who to call, how to get rid of them. The …

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Jun 19

Child Safety Week 2011

We don’t want to ‘wrap children in cotton wool’. Scrapes and bruises are part of growing up. But we don’t think children should die, or be disabled or disfigured, in accidents that can be prevented. And even small changes – around your home or to your everyday routines – can make big differences to children’s …

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May 26

Twenty, 14 year olds at my daughters school were suspended last week for minor drug taking! Gasp!

The story unwinds:  one girl brought the ‘poppers’ into the school having exchanged her watch for these substances at a party. I don’t suppose she had much idea what they were or their consequences; it was fun, a daring act, one that might make her popular, even hip/cool – she offered them around to her …

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Feb 07

Hot off the Press- 9 February

Street Smart Kids is proud to bring you the latest news, hot off the press! Parents of children under the age of three will either be firm supporters of Cbeebies’ Justin (aka Mr Tumble) or will grit their teeth and grudgingly admit that their children are huge fans. Parents will be breathing a sigh of …

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