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Feb 07

Every Seven Minutes

Every seven minutes someone is bullied at school. 19% of parents, in a recent survey expressed that the mobile phone is the main cause of bullying in schools.  It may be not having a phone or having one! Nearly all parents believed that not fitting in, or not being “cool” is the main reason for …

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Dec 03

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

I use to get cross with my son for eating so much at breakfast. ‘JAMES was bullied at school for four years before I could help him. There were signs but I didn’t see them – he didn’t invite any of his class to his birthday party; he was slow in the mornings and often …

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Nov 24

Bullying and your Teen

Many young people have to cope with bullying, and it can be hard for adults to resolve – whether your child is the one who’s the bully or the one being bullied. Bullying includes: Teasing and name-calling, including racist and sexist comments, foul language and unkind jokes about appearance or other members of the family …

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