Oct 18

Slower speed = happy people

In November each year there is a week dedicated to Road Safety (19 – 25 November) – the week is a reminder of the many dangers on the roads while drive, walking and cycling.  We obviously need to be vigilant all year round and each year  – this week is merely a reminder.

As parents we must teach our children through example – parents play a vital role in keeping young children safe – near roads, ensuring they are strapped in on every car journey, teaching children how to cross roads safely and demonstrating good road safety habits.

Last year 60 children died on British roads and many hundreds more suffered serious injuries including brain damage.

Take a look at the Road Safety Quiz  from the charity Child Accident Prevention Trust

Children – help your parents understand the role they can play and the  difference they can make to your safety on the roads! Click here

Also see childalert articles

Road safety for children

Stop Look Listen 

Death on the Roads


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