Mar 16

Schools say they want to build strong partnerships with parents …

A primary school in the North of England held a football match with another school – all players were 7 and 8 year olds keen to show off their skills to their parents.

However, as the mums and dads began to arrive they were asked for identification and if they had none the schools health and safety, ruled that they could not attend.

The match was played behind closed doors. “ we do not want unsupervised strangers wandering on the premises “

Quite rightly one parent shouted “It’s outrageous. I cant see for the life of me how this is about health and safety – if a child gets hurt the first thing they do is make a beeline for their mother or father”

What do you think?  Have we finally gone too far?

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  1. Kids Summer Activities

    If it were a case of this being the only example of H&S gone mad then you could put it down to poor management but the truth is the country is a crazy place.

    The irony being that in this instance it is the educators of our children that seem to need to go back to school to learn!

    We can only hope things improve!

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