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Tommee Tippee DECT Digital Monitor

As a mother of 3 small children I know how important a baby monitor can be to give reassurances that all is well upstairs as I move around the house or garden doing other things.

The Tommee Tippee DECT digital monitor with movement and sensor pad does this better than most. Fully digital with interference free monitoring, I found the sound quality excellent, relaying every breath and small movement from anywhere in the house or garden.  A new feature for me was the two-way talk back feature with adjustable volume, although I am not sure how useful this would be in practice. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that I would rather sooth my baby back to sleep in person rather than cooing through a monitor.

I was also intrigued by the movement and sensor pad, which sounds an alarm after 20 seconds if no baby movement is detected.  However, I was woken up twice in the night when the alarm went off unnecessarily, although I should add that I tried it on my 14 month old; the pad may be better suited to a newborn or very small baby. For older babies I would recommend that you disconnect the pad.  However, for a first time mum with a new baby looking for complete peace of mind, I would imagine this monitor would tick all the boxes. You would feel your baby was ‘being looked after’ while you got a good night’s sleep.

I found the monitor very easy to set up and operate with a nice contemporary look (2 x AAA rechargeable batteries or mains). As well as the features mentioned above, the LCD display shows room temperature and has a nightlight both of which are essential for me.  I would recommend this monitor is all mothers.

The Tommee Tippee Digital Movement & Sound Monitor is also available without the sensor pad– the Digital Sound Monitor but offers the other same features and benefits. The Digital Movement & Sound Monitor and the Digital Sound Monitor are available from January at Argos, Mothercare, Boots, or online at Tommee Tippee at the RSP of £99.99 and £64.99 respectively.

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