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Sitaaray- Bollywood Themed Family Restaurant

Sitaaray-Bollywood Themed Family Fun Restaurant:

Just a short walk from Covent Garden tube station, this Bollywood themed restaurant with its colourful exterior is hard to miss. Decorated generously with posters from every era of Indian movie releases, Sitaaray’s truly magical setting transports you into a world of glamour, drama and enchantment from the moment you walk in.

The highly entertaining drinks menu makes for very interesting reading material and features drinks named after famous Bollywood films. I highly recommend the DDLJ – As big a hit as the film it is named after! With TV screens featuring the latest film songs and funky chandeliers hanging from every corner, this little gem of a restaurant is a rare find and a true testimony to it’s name that means “stars” in Hindi.

Sitaaray’s incredible set menu of traditional meats, grills and vegetables from the north-western frontier of India arrive at your table beautifully presented. The Pepper shikampuri, a melt-in-your-mouth lamb kebab, and the ever so delicate Chicken Achari leaves one wanting more of the same. But perhaps it’s best to resist the temptation to ask for more because there is plenty more to follow. The wonderful array of starters are finished off by a selection of curries served with rice and naan. The truly genius dal makhani is sublime and memorable. With an incredibly well-chosen variety of desserts to choose from, this  is perfectly rounded meal in every way.

Though not the typical choice of dishes one would expect at an Indian restaurant, this in fact is a far better option for families with children. Not just because children eat free on Sundays but because the grilled meats are neat to eat and hassle free. A perfect evening for the whole family! Sunday lunch at Sitaaray is not just a meal but a unique experience for all ages.

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