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Nannyboard Emergency Organiser

Childalert – Nannyboard – The emergency Organiser

Nannyboard – The Emergency Organiser. Use front of the Nanyboard to list all the important contact details and information for all the family. Reverse lists ten most common accidents in the home. Ideal for mums, dads, babysitters, family members, nannies, grandparents as all important information clear and on show in one place. £4.99 purchase from www.childalert.co.uk

Product Tested By Rebecca Woodall – George Aged 3 Years

Rebecca Awarded The Childalert Nannyboard – The emergency organiser 4/5

I was very impressed that the Nannyboard came with a book on first aid which is fantastic as I think it’s so important. Every home should have one. I was very glad that the Nannyboard came with a re-useable pen so if numbers change I could rub out and put new ones in. I didn’t think that there was enough room to write all info down especially if you have more than one child but is fine if you only have one. The website is really good.  There is some great stuff that you can buy on their website like first aid boxes (which can be very hard to come across). There is some great information on child safety, A -Z questions on health so Childalert is a good website. The Nannyboard came in a plastic wrap which is good and really easy to use. It was very clear how to use this emergency organizer. There was just enough room for me but if I had to use the Nannyboard for more than one child I wouldn’t have got all the information in. It certainly gave me peace of mind as I knew all the information needed was displayed in one central place. One design suggestion would be to make the layout larger for writing info down especially if you have more than one child. The Nannyboard certainly made me more aware of where important things were placed in the home such as mains water tap etc. I already have all safety things in my home that were recommended. The Nannyboard would be good value for money if it was larger. I would recommend the Nannyboard to family and friends with one child because with more they would need to buy more than one. I could go out leaving my son with his babysitter knowing that all numbers etc were all on the notice board for her to see and use if needed.

Product Tested By Louise Goodyear – Alice-May Aged 3 Years

Louise Awarded The Childalert Nannyboard – The emergency organiser 3.3/5

The Nannyboard is a useful tool to have on the fridge with all your essential information in one place. The website is good, easy to navigate and has lots of interesting products on offer. The Nannyboard is very easy to use and I found the instructions clear and precise. I must admit I did not feel there was enough room to write down all the information you would need but I did find it good to have all the important information on show in one place for everyone to see. It was very easy to explain to the babysitter how to use this and great to have all the information in one place for her to view. It would be great is there was a holder for the pen on the Nannyboard as I lost this numerous times!! The Nannyboard  makes you very aware of all the safety items you would need in the home. I found the Nannyboard to be reasonably priced for what it is. The Nannyboard is a useful item to have in your kitchen with all your essential information in one place which can be used by everyone.

Product Tested By Linda Nicholls

Linda Awarded The Childalert Nannyboard – The emergency organiser 5/5

The website is good, easy to navigate and includes some great information and good products. I am very likely to purchase some products for home safety from this website. The packaging was very plain, the product came in a clear plastic wallet with a card top, the info on the card was fine and the name of the product stood out. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. The Nannyboard is of good quality and will last a long time. The instructions explained how to fill in the Nannyboard and the headings helped too. It is simply to be displayed, so that all important information is in one accessible place. I was able to fill in all information needed. If the product was any larger it wouldn’t work so well, it is compact and the layout is clear. It was good for me, who doesn’t know where everything is in the house (usually leave any DIY etc to my husband!). It was actually a good prompt for me when explaining about the children and where things are in the house to the babysitter. I think it is fine as it is, it has some tips for first aid on the back, which is brilliant. The information is easy to access and it’s compact which means there’s not too much to read, which can put people off. I now know where everything is in the house. I have most items suggested but I am going to get some more. I can see how the questions can prompt you into being very aware of safety and what is needed to make the home a safer environment. The price is reasonable as I think that it will last a long time. It is so useful for us and if we have anyone babysitting, it is staying on the fridge door. I have already suggested that my sisters get one, they were impressed when they saw it on my fridge and think that it’s a good idea. The Nannyboard is an essential safety reminder for each home.


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