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Baby Zilli Organic Baby Food

Baby Zilli Organic Baby Food

I was sent 6 packets of the new Baby Zilli range of organic baby food to try on my 1 year old. “Good enough for mamma and papa to eat” says the logo on the packet, so I was eager not only for my baby to give it a go but to have a try myself.

Created by popular celebrity chef Aldo Zilla and entrepreneur Dean Dunham expectations were high. With my baby “bibbed-up” and ready in his highchair, we started with the cock-a-leekie (chicken, lentils and leeks).  He began by looking at it dubiously, then there was a little movement of his nose as his sense of smell kicked in before his mouth opened and the first spoonful was put in.  As all mothers know, those first 15 seconds of new food and tastes are the make-or-break moments.  With the Baby Zilli cock-a-leekie case, my baby instantly opened up his mouth for more … and more and more until the whole 190g packet was eaten.  On another occasion we tried the Pasta Pomodora (pasta with tomatoes and vegetables) – same result. On tasting them myself, the first word that sprang to mind was fresh, but I don’t think I’d want to chug on a whole pouch!

The Baby Zilli range says it caters for babies between 4 and 12 months and is divided into 4 categories – Brekkie (6 months +), Stage One (4 months +), Stage Two (6 months +) and Stage Three (9 months +). A new Stage Four range for 12 month + babies will be launched in April. The range comes in foil packets with a bright and bold design.

Based on my baby’s reaction, I would highly recommend this range for those mothers wanting some ready made meals for those occasions when pressed for time.

Baby Zilli Organic Food has also been endorsed by celebrity Denise Van Outen who feeds the range to her baby, Betsy. You can learn more about Baby Zilli at www.zillibaby.co.uk.

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