Dec 18

Motherhood personified!

Childalert were sent this video clip and we thought it summed up what all us mothers go through – it’s a rap telling motherhood as it is; the ups and downs and often unexpected consequences of being a mum. Good on this heroine, here, looking glamorous through out – something that is not always easy to achieve!



Now on a more serious note ‘motherhood’ is a wonderful thing to most of us but some find the process really hard and it’s not that they don’t love their children deeply, it is that we are all made differently. For some, motherhood has taken away their identity, for others it is their identity; some women feel the need to go back to work to find control where as others love the control they have in mapping out their children’s programme. What ever our choices we all want to do our best for our children and we should all respect the way each of us wants to live our lives.

However always remember this …time doesn’t stand still…you will look back on this period of your life with enormous fondness  …  don’t miss out !

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