Jul 19

Meg Mathews, – it was one of the scariest experiences of my life

Toddlers and Electricity: Did you know?

•Socket covers will not protect your child from electrical accidents

•Toddlers can chew or even bite through electrical wires

•Wet toddlers who grab an electrical appliance are exposed to electric shock

•Some socket covers are easy to remove, leaving and toddlers to poke fingers, metal objects or wet mouths into outlets

•Babies and toddlers are inherently risk-prone and should never be
left unattended and allowed to ‘play’ with socket-outlets

5 simple steps to safety

•Download the free ESC ‘Home Electrical Safety Check’ app to do a simple safety check of your home

•Install an RCD in your fuse box, or use a plug-in version

•Do not rely on socket covers, to be safe they must be backed up with RCD protection

•Keep all electrical cords out of reach of children

•Check wires and sockets for scorch marks or signs of electrical

The charity ‘The Electrical Safety Council’ is encouraging all parents to download  ‘Home Electrical Safety Check’ app, which allows anyone to do a quick, visual check of their home to ensure it is electrically safe.

Designed to be as easy to use as possible, the app highlights potential dangers in each room and explains how to resolve simple, non-technical problems. Where more serious issues are flagged, people are advised to use a registered electrician. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Meg Mathews, ex-wife of Noel Gallagher and mother of his daughter Anais, suffered a devastating electrical fire at her Primrose Hill home in September 2011. She said: “The fire that destroyed my home last year was one of the scariest experiences of my life. If we hadn’t popped out to walk the dogs, my daughter Anais and I would have lost our lives – the firefighters said no-one could have survived the blaze

Read more here including how to download the app


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