Apr 16

Love Food Hate Waste

UntitledA 20-foot frozen billboard made entirely of ice and cash was unveiled today to urge Brits to save money and reduce household waste by using their freezer more.

The billboard containing £700* in coins and notes – the amount the average household wastes every year on food **

The billboard was made with four tonnes of ice, and took a team over a month to freeze and a further eight days to build – passers by were able to collect the currency as the billboard melted throughout the day.

Did you know that you can freeze –  Eggs; Herbs; Fruit; Sauces; Cake; Milk; Cooked meat; Water obviously ! and Vegetables. A lot of people didn’t know this.

The study found that 92 per cent of people in the UK are unaware that items such as eggs can be frozen** and over half (56 per cent) did not know that herbs could be kept in the freezer. Despite one in five (21 per cent) shopping baskets in Britain containing at least 50 per cent frozen food, almost two million people throw away items in their freezer after two weeks believing they have gone off by this point.

By embracing the freezer to reduce food waste consumers could work towards saving the equivalent of £700 in a year* – the equivalent to a designer handbag or 50 inch TV.

The same report by WRAP found that 850,000 tonnes of good food thrown away each year, which could have been eaten later if frozen.

Emma Marsh, Head of Love Food Hate Waste, said last month: “The average person in the UK throws away the equivalent of £200 of good food and drink every single year – rising to £700 a year for a family. By simply making the most of the freezer, mixing and matching fresh and frozen food for meals each week everyone can make real savings on their budgets and help make the most of the food we buy. Love Food Hate Waste is delighted to be supporting iFreeze, iSave”

Commenting on the iFreeze, iSave initiative,Andy Weston-Webb, Birds Eye UK Managing Director, adds: “We’re incredibly excited by this campaign as we understand the pressures families are under to save money. Reducing food waste by making the most of the freezer will not only help families to do so but it will also help the UK to become more sustainable and resourceful, something we’re very proud to be a part of.”

The iFreeze, iSave frozen billboard was erected at Southbank’s Observation Point.  Members of the public are also encouraged to get involved in the iFreeze, iSave movement by visiting the online hub: www.ifreeze.how.


** commissioned by iFreeze, iSave


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