Apr 18

Kate, Will and baby George – how do they do it ?

prince george on holiday

prince george on holiday


While Prince George is winning a legion of new fans in Australia and New Zealand, the boss of Britain’s first luxury maternity lingerie company has come up with some vital tips for new mums on how to survive their first trip abroad.

Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look remarkably relaxed on their whistle-stop tour but the good news is that you don’t need an army of Royal helpers to feel the same.

Jules Canterbury, founder of Amoralia, said with a bit of careful planning, travelling with newborns and young babies needn’t be a nightmare. Indeed, the tour had prompted lots of feedback from mums about their experiences of flying with babies.

Jules said most mums were in agreement with one key piece of advice – “do travel, don’t avoid it”.

“You never regret getting away from it all”, said Jules. “Like anything else, babies will adapt if you give them the confidence to. Summer is coming so look forward to that break – don’t dread it.”

Now Jules has come up with five tips for new and expectant mums.

1.      Arrange flight times to suit the new baby’s routine rather than yours. Aim for the times they would normally sleep – If that’s a flight that takes off at 8pm and might land in a destination late at night don’t worry about it if it means your baby has slept through and you haven’t had to pace the plane trying to keep them quiet.

2.      Dress for success when travelling too. We know it’s tempting to wear layer upon layer to avoid baggage charges. But comfort and practicality are key when pregnant or travelling with nursing babies. Too much hanging around at airports to be burdened with extra jumpers and jackets you don’t need.

3.      Wear a comfy seamless legging (there are some good maternity and post-partum ones), a nursing cami (check out our seamless one here, or a silky soft version here), a long shirt with buttons down the front (Cos has some great ones) as these are easy to open for breastfeeding when sitting down, and the cami will ensure discrete feeding, and a lovely snuggly cashmere scarf (try Hush-uk, Feather & Stone or The White Company) – it’ll work as a blanket for your little one and breastfeeding cover too.

4.      Of course you have to remember baby’s essentials in your hand luggage but don’t forget things to help you feel human at the other end – favourite lip balm or lipstick, hairbrush, facial wipes etc All avoid the ban on liquids.

5.      Ask for help if you need it – despite assumptions to the contrary most of our mums have had a good experience with fellow passengers even those not travelling with children. People are mostly generous human beings and will carry luggage down the steps for you and lift it into overhead lockers. Particularly remember this if you are pregnant as you may be travelling at a stage when it’s not obvious to other people.

Where have you been this Easter break – did you take a new baby or toddler – how did you cope?

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