Dec 20

Is Christmas pulling at your purse strings…….

Our home is a buzz with Christmas festive joy – the decorations are up and fridge packed to the brim with goodies including the turkey.  The stockings are hanging from the fire place and pretty much (believe it or not) we are ready for Christmas day.

Every year however gets more expensive …  we have had to make cuts, mainly on the presents as the main Christmas fun comes from family and friends around the Christmas table.

The best tip has come from signing up to KidStart.co.uk a shopping club for families that gives money back in cash on every purchase made and given back as savings for the children.  The Christmas grocery shop made £23.00 alone !

Another change, is instead of our usual extensive present buying we are having a Secret Santa. All adults get one present from one person to a given price – it actually makes it much more creative and fun and a lot cheaper.

Research, this year has revealed that almost two thirds (60%) of UK adults will be sticking to the same Christmas budget as last year, with nearly a third (29%) spending less.

According to The Co-operative Annual Christmas Spending Survey the average consumer will spend a total of £344 on Christmas this year.

Tell us how you have managed this year – have you spent the average £344 or a lot more ( or less!)

What are your tips for a more thrifty Christmas but giving just as much fun.

To see how frugal some parts of the country have been this year read below

2012 Christmas Infographic

A Frugal Christmas and a Debt Free New Year – An infographic by the team at The Co-operative Bank


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