Mar 26

If I could tell my 20-something self …..

_2C82203.GarethGatrell2015Gaby Roslin tells us her top tips ..

Take Time Off

Having a lazy morning, making a big lunch or a walk in the park are things we all should do from time to time. And turn your phone off!  I have learnt to  turn my phone off – no problem.

Balance work and home life:

I am a mummy first and a working mummy second. My daughters are 13 and 8 now. These are precious times that need to be treasured.

Allow life outside the bubble:

I eat healthily; with organic products, and no wheat or dairy but I’m not a food fascist who tries to control what my girls eat everywhere. I don’t send them off to parties with a tub of nuts and seeds.

Children are their own people:

You flip a light switch and they go from being little to grown-ups. Mine are still young and they already know what they want to do! All we can do as parents is guide them.

Look after your body:

You get in what you put out. It is so important what we put into our bodies. I eat healthily but I still think – especially as we got older – that we benefit from taking supplements. I take Seven Seas Perfect7 for the marine oil, but I also up all my minerals and vitamins overall. In the future I’ll still want to enjoy life as much as I do now!

Be Confident:

If I had to give my 20-something self a tip I’d say, stop being so self-conscious! There is so much scrutiny on women in the media, I just think to myself your upper arms aren’t that big and no-one is looking anyway!

Follow your dreams:

The best advice I’ve ever been given was by my parents. They told me to follow my dreams and when I look back over my 28 year career in television, I can’t help but thank them for saying that.

Get on with it:

You can never be prepared for what life throws at you. Sometimes you do just have to ‘get on with it’.  Especially as parents.

Be happy.

I don’t apologise anymore for being happy. You need to love life and be able to jump out of bed in the morning like I do! From losing those close to me, I know how short life can be.

Give yourself a break:

I have been critical of myself, yes, but not too hard. I think pushing yourself to try hard and learn new things is important, but you also have to give yourself a break And relax and do your best!


Have you got any tips you can tell your 20-something self … or perhaps you’d liked to tell yourself now – what ever your age. What tips can you give the rest of us_2C82343.GarethGatrell2015

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