Dec 12

How to Protect Your Kids over Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time of year, especially if you have children. The run up to the seasonal preparations can be exciting and run smoothly when suddenly out of know where – there seems to be three, two, one week before the big day! It all comes in a rush with the children breaking up from school, (along with nativity and carol concerts), family and friends start to call and organise visits and meals .. and there is no time for anything and someone asks ‘have you ordered the turkey’ !

When we’re stressed and rushing around, accidents can happen especially to children – in the home and out and about. If we as parents take our eyes off the situation you’ll find your little ones experimenting in the kitchen, playing with the new and exciting Christmas lights, putting small parts into their mouths and more.. Remain vigilant no matter how much you have to organise. Remind yourself of the childalert home safety quiz.

Weather conditions don’t help either, days can be cold and dark and the generally busy-ness of the festive season can mean kids find themselves prone to colds and outdoor accidents. See how to avoid the the common cold video

One bit of advice is to be preparation. Not just with presents and entertainment. But also be prepared should your family have a mishap or as often happens over a stressful period, a serious family quarrel.

Should this happen over your Christmas period, it may be a good idea for you to know where to turn should you need to –  family law advice .

Family quarrels

Family quarrels can take many forms and thankfully for most of us they blow over as soon as they happen. But occasionally individuals find if difficult to let go, or an old problem can flare up again.

Some quarrels occur in the lead up to Christmas over custody of the children  If this is likely to be the case, getting some family law advice may be a good idea in order to know where you stand; ensuring that no arguments escalate and spoil your Christmas time.

They will simply help guide you through what you’re entitled to and will be there to offer any assistance that may be needed. Contacting a solicitor doesn’t necessarily mean taking direct action against another party but could simply educate you on the options you have at your disposal.

Lets home your preparation means a peaceful and happy festive season.

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