May 21

How to Prevent Accidental Window Falls at Home

safety The leading cause of injuries among children five years of age and younger is falling, with approximately fifteen thousand kids under the age of eleven falling from windows each year. On average, fifteen to twenty of those falls are fatal. According to emergency medicine specialists, kids that live in urban areas are at an especially high risk for window falls.

These tips can help you prevent window falls in your home, so you can keep the little ones in your life safe from harm.

Keep Furniture Away from Windows

Placing cribs, beds and dressers near a window provides curious little explorers with access to sills that might ordinarily be out of reach. While your design scheme might depend upon a specific placement of furniture, it’s still essential that you keep anything kids can climb on or around away from the windows in their rooms. Even the most docile kids will find a reason to scale the furniture the moment an adult’s back is turned, and the last thing you want is for them to end up near a window when they do.

Install Window Safety Locks

Windows should be fitted with child safety window locks that allow windows to be opened but only to a certain level so that children cannot slip underneath.  These are so easy to buy and fit but if you need a specialist email us at childproofyourhome@childalert.co.uk

There is a Difference Between Window Locks and Security Bars

While security bars and window locks are not the same thing nor do they serve the same purpose, they’re commonly confused. The placement of security bars designed to protect your home against intruders is wide enough to allow a small child to slip through, and the design of window locks is not intended to protect against intruders. It’s important to understand the difference between the two, both to keep your children safe from falls and to guard your home.

Always supervised young children

While it’s important to always keep a close eye on children in your care, it’s especially important when they’re in rooms above ground level and are capable of opening a window. Make sure that you never leave a child in a room unattended when a window is open, and that all windows are locked and carefully secured to prevent little fingers from opening them.

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