Sep 03

Hobbs has always been one of my mainstay shops.

Hobbs-AW13-NW3-Look_(3)Pre children I spent a lot of time wearing their classic styles, I loved the lines that use to make me feel smart yet trendy and snappy.  Also Hobbs shoes were and still are to die for – I had a real thing for boots and shoes.

When my children were tiny there wasn’t quite the same incentive and anyway time and money spiraled in other directions.

There was the occasional seasonal outfit I would purchase – I remember a wonderful muted floral dress I bought one Christmas … and still have.

But yesterday things turned on their head. I was wandering around Covent Garden in London with my 16 year old daughter who was intent on going to Hobbs to check out their NW3 styles – she needed a suit for school – she didn’t want any old suit, she specifically wanted a chic jacket to be worn with skirt or trousers from Hobbs. I was so pleased, not only an excuse to go in myself but my little girl showed extemporary taste.

So a few £££ later we walked out weighed down by a large number of bags. The trousers we bought from Hobbs were probably our favourite purchase of the day but the jacket, two pairs of shoes, a pair of brogues and alternating pretty pumps were key purchases too. Come to think about it, everything was a clear favourite!

Who would have thought Hobbs would be on the list of ‘back to school’

And for me … well I went for the accessories – a much needed belt, scarf and handbag !  They’re gorgeous.

I do want to make this point – it gave me enormous pleasure to see my daughter looking effortlessly smart. Fashion is a funny thing, most parents (I think) would agree that the trend is for youngsters is to look more trampy than sophisticated! It’s always a worry, as described by facebooks CNN readers.

A recent poll also suggested that fashion on the high street is mostly inappropriate for the 7-15 year olds:

Too sexy  64%

Cute but occasionally too grown-up  25%

Mostly acceptable  6%

Always acceptable and value for money 5%



These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.


What are your views?

Is it ok to state the argument that if it’s inappropriate don’t buy it?

How much fashion control do we have over our teenage children now-a-days?

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