Sep 06

Help children’s safety – spreading the word is so vital

A 2 year old boy climbed onto the kitchen table where there was a bag full of shopping and managed to take out an open a bottle of oven cleaner ( which had a child safety cap`!) –  before swallowing the liquid.

The little boy was rushed to hospital with internal injuries and may now need a oesophagus transplant after suffering extreme burns.

“I feel distraught. I know I made a mistake leaving the shopping bags in the kitchen but I still cannot understand how a child aged just two managed to open the bottle.”  The toddlers grandmother commented

Of course, these caps aren’t “child-proof”. If they were completely child-proof, they may be adult-proof too – particularly for people with arthritis or less strength in their hands. They’re “child-resistant”, which means that some toddlers may well be able to open them.  In fact, one in seven children under 51 months may be able to open a cap – and it could still be classified as “child-resistant”.

If parents and carers knew the facts, of course they’d behave differently, and tragedies like last week’s would be avoided. That’s why your help in spreading the word is so vital.

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