Dec 01

Good ‘ol DAD

Dads playing with the kids Did you know that the average Dad has 22 injuries a year … because of the kids!

Poor ‘ol Dads get bashed on the shins , fall over toys, stumble on clothing, are hit in the privates, knocked on the face, get back pains from rolling, being jumped on and even by picking up their children.

Just over a third have been head butted by their young child,  while quarter said play flighting with the kids regularly saw them tweak something. ‘I have even attempted ballet dancing to please my daughter’ laughed one Dad!!

Other areas of parenting where Dads have had a brush with injury were when having to play goalie, kicking a ball around with the kids or when climbing trees with them.

We’re all pleased to see those Dads having a great time with their kids and that they feel young at heart enough to do so … but possible they should be cautious – as one Dad confessed  ‘I should know better at my age’.

The top 10 injuries are

back pain while playing

bashing a shin or elbow on a toy/coffee table while running around

balls thrown or whacks to the crotch  ouchhhh!

treading on a toy left out and injuring a leg

knocks to the face

even the pet gets in the way

tripping over a child’s belonging

nearly drowning in the swimming pool

thinking skate boarding is for me

repetitive strain injury from trying to join in the gaming


Tell us

1. what do you think about Dads larking around with the kids

2. what injuries can you tell us about


Dads playing with the kids



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