Mar 11

Good holiday destinations for children

When the children start reaching anywhere between five and seven, you can start rethinking your family holidays with a vengeance so start saving!

Rajasthan, India

As the tale goes, Rajasthan is proud to flaunt its hundred thousand dazzling saris which is a must for any keen traveller: the rainbow shades will capture the kids’ imagination and then you could enjoy the hospitable family friendly hotels of the highest standard. There is also a straightforward transportation system to get around where you could enjoy the old city with its labyrinthine streets.

The alternative Christmas break: Santa and his 1001 reindeer, Lapland

Situated above the Arctic Circle, there are sleigh rides, visits to Santa’s very own home and work space, rocketing the pine trees, ice hotels and capturing the northern lights. Starting in Rovaiemi, ski-jumping and then a typical sauna-equipped cabin.

holiday destination

Lego mania in Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the happiest capital’s ever, this city is ideal for a short break at anytime of year. Those Little Mermaid enthusiasts’ can admire the universal statue followed by a walk through the Tivoli Gardens with its magical fairground, thrilling children since 1843. For the teenagers and adults in the group, there is the Christiania off-the-wall atmosphere that is compelling followed by the brightly coloured and designed creations in Legoland only a day trip away.

Child-friendly Fiji

This stunning, peaceful archipelago in the South Pacific is perfect for a restful and revitalising stay where the ultraluxurious resorts, have activities for all the family: from a qualified nanny for the younger ones who looks after their enjoyment while the older kids can enjoy all forms of entertainment from sports, beach time and spa treatments. Re-charging those adult batteries while everyone can enjoy their time.

Oz land

For the true adventurers, you can rent a campervan and explore the wilds of Australia: the young naturalists and geologists will be thrilled by the poisonous species known to creep around and slide behind rocks combined with the family enjoyment of the outdoor air complete with a campfire meal, the wide open horizon that will delight the whole troupe. The ultimate in desert escapade is found when driving to the Uluru (Ayers Rock) and watch the kangaroos hopping around.

Oz Land

Sternen Guesthouse, Gais, Switzerland

Surrounded by the tumbling hills of Appenzell, the hotel is located just outside the village. The hiking and bike trails are easily accessed and there are children’s clubs with a wide range of activities to choose from plus walks and excursions to enjoy the bountiful landscape. If you are interested in shopping, it is worth checking out the kinds of things available on sites like Watches of Switzerland first. The rooms all retain the traditional Appenzell design style with all the modern amenities. The cuisine caters also for vegetarians and uses all the local and regional ingredients, freshly produced. There are even rabbits and goats for the children to become acquainted with.

It will also be a turning point for everyone!

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