Apr 20

Girl aged 6 handcuffed and put in cell !

What do you do when your child is having a tantrum ?  How do you control it, stop it?

Most mothers know the signs, the triggers and have a way to resolve it, but not before you cringe with embarrassment.

Most children’s tantrums die down as they get older but every so often even my 13 year old will lose her sense of humor and throw a tantrum.

Usually tantrums are a way of expressing, what the child believes is a profound sense of injustice.

They usually are expressed in an environment of safety – where the child feels secure and with whom they feel safe.

However a little girl six has been handcuffed by police and thrown in a jail cell in the US after throwing a tantrum at school.

According to a police report, the child allegedly knocked over a small shelf which hit the principal in the leg, injuring her.

She also jumped on a paper shredder and tried to break a glass frame.

The school called in the police and an officer handcuffed the young girl when she refused to calm down.

She was taken down to the police station where she was charged with simple assault and damage to property.

What did they think they were doing?

Why wasn’t the teacher able to take control ?

What was wrong with simply calming and listening, finding common ground with the little girl?

The little girl probably just needed a cuddle – but health and safety say you cannot touch or show affection to children in your care.

The world’s gone mad.  What do you think?  I blame the teacher.

see childalert’s tantrum tips

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