Jun 22

Finger food hazards

This is the story of when an innocent grape given to a toddler to snack on became life threatening.

When Luke was 14 months old he was given a few grapes as a snack only to find one got caught down his wind pipe and he was unable to breath. Limp and unconscious he was rushed to hospital where his lung had collapsed and he was critically ill …

Dr Allan Goldman the Paediatric Intensive Care consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, comments on how giving grapes to young children can cause problems:

“This is now the third patient in two hospitals where children under 33 months have choked on a grape. Our message is to be cautious when feeding toddlers grapes, and if possible to cut them in half. Also I would like to say how delighted we are with this little boys’ outcome and congratulate all the first aid and medical teams who contributed to saving his life.”

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and watch this video provided by essentially baby

make sure you know your first aid 

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