Mar 19

Fatherhood ! no one warned me .

fatherhoodAnother great video from Fiat  – I just love them – the music, the sense of  ‘it does happen to others too – not just me!’ and most importantly I love the humour.

Take a look at it here and pass it onto friends and family – especially if they have just had a new borne and if they have twins!

We used to drive around at night trying to get my little ones to sleep – we didn’t have twins but some how the baby used to wake the toddler and all hell was let loose — so off my husband went to drive around the block … while I crashed out for at least half an hour !  Thank goodness those days are over, but I do feel for all those new parents out there … things DO get better, promise.

Did you know that new parents drive on average 1,300 miles a year trying to get their children to sleep.  Ouch !

Have a read of Childalerts :

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VIDEO: The Fatherhood video takes viewers back to the 80s with a catchy tune and a time when New Romantics were young and carefree.  With oh-so-serious poses to camera and dreamy dance sequences, the film takes visual cues from the 80s music videos everyone loves to hate and offer a humorous and edgy insight into the mind of a new dad.

Set in the dead of night, The Fatherhood follows a weary dad-of-two trying to get his screaming babies to sleep by driving them around the neighbourhood. As he drives, he starts to sing with brutal honesty and humorous irony about his long-lost youth and he questions how he’s gone from Jack the Lad to Jack the Dad.

It’s a Dad’s life. Watch it

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