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iPhone Parental Controls

Your Guide to the iPhone’s Parental Controls

Keeping an eye on all of your child’s online activity is close to impossible these days, especially with the recent surge of 3G/4G capable mobile devices. Smart phones have landed in the hands of almost every tween and teen, and as a result, it has left parents with even more concerns about the instant connectivity that it allows our children…..despite the fact that many of us all rushed out and bought them. And though we can install parental controls and security software on our home computers, the struggle that most parents face is the fact that our children have the entire Internet in their pockets, and with a touch of their finger they can access everything that those parental controls and security software’s were meant to keep out.

With that said, in this blog I want to show parents how they can set the parental controls on their child’s iPhone. I’ve received a lot of requests from parents on this exact issue, so here it is. I tested it all out myself, and it’s safe to say that it does what it’s supposed to do. By following this guide, you’ll be able to lock out certain iPhone features altogether, including Safari.

First things first – Go into the phones Settings.

Once in Settings, go to the tab called “General”

Next, scroll down and look for the tab called “Restrictions”. Currently, it should say “Off”.

Once you’ve tapped on that, at the top, click on “Enable Restrictions”. This will trigger a prompt for a password. Don’t forget this password, there’s no way to retrieve it.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to disable any functions that you see on the screen. Disabling a function, like Safari or YouTube, removes that icon completely from the iPhone’s interface.

Re-enabling these functions is as simple as following the same steps, re-entering your password, and turning the functions back on. Again, this password is for YOU, the parent, to know, not your kids! THANK YOU www.Yoursphere.com and www.YoursphereForParents.com

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