Apr 26

Exam Stress – how can you help!

Its that time of year again – exams are approaching – are your kids focusing or oblivious to the time needed to revise ! or re they quietly anxious and stressed


Here are some things to look out for/ warning signs perhaps that your child/ teenager may be suffering from stress or suffering from anxiety

Are they sleeping well or do they have regular disturbances, erratic/ poor eating, low mood, low confidence, frustration/ anger, queasy tummies, headaches and flaring up of skin conditions such as eczema

Try to help them set realistic goals and expectations

Understand your child’s/teenager’s strengths and interests and focus on those, whilst acknowledging their weaknesses

Reinforce that failure is a normal part of learning

Make learning fun

Depending on your child’s age, make learning an exciting activity

Use toys and tools to aid in their education and revision

Create a consistent environment at home for your child/ teenager to study e.g. create a revision corner that is comfortable and inviting to work in

Help them with preparation and plan ahead for each exam

Have an exam rota in a visible place so everyone in the family is aware, i.e. on the fridge or next to the front door. It helps if you all know what exam is when.

Create to-do lists

Ensure your child/ teenager has practical and simple considerations in place i.e. let them know you will drive them to each exam so they don’t need to worry they might be late, or ensure your child has access to a quiet space should they require it for revision etc.


Ask your child/ teenager how their revision is going and how their exams are going

A simple conversation at the end of the day and giving positive feedback on their efforts will go a long way

Take a break

Encourage relaxation and your child/ teenager taking part in other activities to unwind i.e. playing football, painting, meeting friends etc.

Music and art are ideal activities to aid in stress relief, reducing anxiety and stress management


We’re sure the results will be positive and if not what more can you ask for than hey tried their best. 

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