Jan 04

Ever wish you could have family time, all the time?

Happy New Year everyone … Have you made any news years resolutions ? You’ve no doubt had a wonderful break and time with family and friends over the past few weeks. Don’t we all wish it could go on forever but sadly reality is back along with the daily routines of school and work.

My biggest new years resolution is to reduce the stress and guilt I have by balancing my work and life commitments. I have told myself that I will be more productive at work with less worry if I just accept that we can all communicate almost instantaneously via our phones, tablets, and the internet. I have in the past reluctantly avoided getting my family involved with techy communications but I now see it is the way forward … for everyone.

We have installed the wonderful and all-inclusive infinity broadband making life quicker and easier and cheaper – take a look at what is available – Broadband packages .  And you’ll find that, communication across your family along, your workday goes better than ever.  Promise!

This what I love about the package ;   keeping in touch with my family during my working hours makes my life a lot easier – I know when they have arrived home after a bus journey from school, I can sort our unexpected school activity changes; knowing I can receive a quick text  to say they passed their latest test and also that I can provide some comforting words when they are unhappy.

This what my daughters love ; my sister and I share YouTube videos with each other and text our mutual appreciation.  While I am away at school I can keep my relationship fresh with my sister discovering channels and music that we both are crazy about—and then sharing them together when we next meet.

I know some will say we all have too much screen time but my new year belief is that yes lets control it but best lets all keep in touch and share our interests and lives together all the time.

This is what my husband loves ; Sounds like a great way to spend family time on the job?  We can now can have it all, with the numerous Broadband phone, media/music, TV and movie channel packages that include BT Wi-Fi, evening and weekend call packages, the BT home hub (because the home should be the center of all of this) and the Superfast BT Infinity system (because a family on the internet should communicate fast—and BT Infinity 2 is eight times faster than any other system in the UK).

That’s what we call family time—all the time.


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