Mar 12

Does your child suffer from iPaddy syndrome ?!

screaming_child_poster-p228435468748905309trma_400Restricting the use of gadgets is the preferred form of punishment by most parents yet over half of parents continue to buy tech related gifts for their children such as iPads and smartphones

Six out of ten (59%) parents say they have experienced an ‘iPaddy’ when they try and forcibly end their kids’ gadget game time.

Researchers have found that restricting the use of gadgets is now the preferred form of punishment for eight out of ten (79%) parents in the UK. This new trend for tech-punishment has led to the coining of the term ‘iPaddy’, bad behaviour brought on directly from children having their gadgets confiscated.

Common symptoms reported by parents include tears, tantrums, sulking and the silent treatment. Yes we have all experience these !

Confiscating smartphones and tablets were revealed as the most hated form of punishment as they stopped children having contact with friends and enjoying entertainment.

The uniqueness of gadgets such as smartphones and tablets is that they provide both a method of communication between friends and a form of entertainment. When parents remove them this then becomes a double whammy for children

Nearly three quarters of parents (72%) believe children are too attached to gadgets yet half (50%) of parents with children of fourteen or under buy tech related gifts for their children such as iPads and smartphones.

The study found that even if parents did not buy the gadgets themselves one in eight (13%) kids bought their own tech and nearly half (46%) of parents admitted they are more likely to buy their child a tablet computer as a gift for a birthday or Christmas present instead of a traditional toy. The most popular tech item for children to own was a games console (owned by 46%), followed by an iPod or mp3 player (30%) and smartphone (30%).

The educational value of products such as tablets and laptops was a key factor for many parents with six in ten (61%) saying they thought it was beneficial for children to become familiar with gadgets at an early age. Even for parents that aren’t a fan of gadgets at home, the rise of children’s tech habits may appear unstoppable, with over a quarter (27%) of children having access to tablets and the like at school.

The average child was found to spend nearly two hours a day playing with tech products and over a quarter (27%) of children were revealed as using gadgets for 4+ hours per day.

Parents take note of ‘gadget security’ Make sure your have your parent controls on and give sound advice as to the ‘rules’ of internet and game entertainment.

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