Oct 08

Do you have a child with dyslexia?

Help is at hand …

1 in 5 children have difficulties with reading and writing, which is why it’s worth knowing that this week is National Dyslexia Week (8 -14th October).

If you’re a parent with a child with Dyslexia or a child who is struggling it’s likely you’ll feel a familiar bell ringing with the results of a new survey released by the Dyslexia-SpLD Trust http://www.thedyslexia-spldtrust.org.uk/ which has revealed the top 5 stresses for families living with Dyslexia.

  1. 1.  Parents feel guilty because they want to do what best for child but not always sure making right choices.
  2. 2.  Parents feel isolated and do not know who to turn to for reliable advice and information.
  3. 3.  Parents feeling guilty because they want to help their children with reading and writing but get frustrated or struggle themselves.
  4. 4.  Impact on family with siblings resenting amount of attention given to child with Dyslexia.
  5. 5.  Mums finding it hard to get partner to talk about child’s dyslexia.

What many parents say they yearn for is information, resources and support. Which is why it may help to know about Parents Champions www.parentchampions.org.uk run by the Dyslexia-SpLD Trust http://www.thedyslexia-spldtrust.org.uk/

This organisation offers an independent support network for parents who have children with Dyslexia. Run by parents who understand the challenges you are facing, they can offer support to you and other  within your local community.

As a result Parents Champions will be running a series of information sessions for parents and carers at locations across the country for National Dyslexia Week. Sessions will be in Hull, Scarborough, Wilmslow, London, Bath, Chelmsford, Nottingham, Knaresborough, Bristol, Chippenham, Haywards Heath, Tonbridge, Winchester from the 6th October.

To find your nearest course go to:


Also read about Dyslexia at Childalert  here 


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