Jun 12

Dinner Time kids !

UnknownThis should be of interest to every parent – an app that gives parents the ability to remotely lock and unlock their child’s Android tablet or smartphone at any time – encouraging more family time together at events such as dinner time and bed time.

Sounds like a blessing ~! – how easy is it for you to drag your child away from their phone / music / games; how easy is it for you to set the boundaries of how long they can use their devices in any one day.

When children are younger boundaries are a hot topic and we all find them incredibly useful in teaching our children right and wrong and giving them the opportunity to understand limits and patience and expectations. But when they get older and especially as a teenager the phone seems to throw all that guidance out of the window.

There is something about the phone, texting, facetime, games, keeping in constant touch, the immediacy of information that the phone and the internet bring that seem to paralyse our kids.

Ever shouted until you are hoarse ‘Dinner TIme’ only to be ignored TOTALLY!!Unknown

Well now is your revenge – an app that allows you to turn off remotely your child’s phone or tablet.

Richard Sah, Co-Founder of DinnerTime and father to three young kids, explains: “I’ve noticed that my children find technology to be addictive, playing games or watching videos on their tablets or phones, and are easily distracted by their devices at dinnertime and bedtime. This gave me the idea for DinnerTime, as I wanted to create something that could help my children focus on other activities, and we could enjoy quality time together.”

Once the parent activates the DinnerTime functionality to pause activity on their child’s device, everything from apps and the internet to texting and calling friends is temporarily disabled. Kids can even see a countdown clock, so they are aware of exactly how much time remains before they are able to access their device again – reducing distractions from schoolwork and family time.

Now that is cool ….

The DinnerTime app has 4 main features and works from the parent’s phone (Android or iPhone) to link up to two kids’ Android devices:

·       Dinner Time: pauses any activity for any set time, up to 2 hours

·       Take a Break: pauses any activity for any set time, up to 24 hours

·       Bed Time: set a start and end time to pause any activity while in Bed Time mode. This still allows kids to access their alarm clock

·       Ability to share the DinnerTime control with another parent by linking to their phone number

The DinnerTime Plus app has the features of DinnerTime, with additional functionalities, including:

·       App and device time limits: set time limits for how long your children can use both the app and the device, regardless of whether the device is online or offline

·       For younger children: ability to display real-time status of your children’s device and which app is currently running

·       Usage reporting and link up to 5 kids’ devices with in-app purchase: see how long your child has used their device and on what apps, so you know exactly what’s distracting them

·       App allow/disallow blocking features: choose which apps your child can access, i.e. only educational apps during exam time

DinnerTime and DinnerTime Plus are now available to download for free:

DinnerTime app, Android: 


DinnerTime app, iPhone:


DinnerTime Plus app, Android: 



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