Dec 11

Dear Santa can I have a tablet this Christmas ?

If you’re planning on buying your child a laptop, tablet or smartphone for Christmas, please follow these six golden rules, which will ensure your child surfs safely in cyberspace over the winter break:

1. Update your  Antivirus and Security software

2. Be sure to be part of their leaning process helping them ( even if they think they know better)  set up their internet connection. Set a password together and set your boundaries from day one allowing children to surf the web for limited time periods and when you can periodically check on their online activities. Set clear rules about the use of computers see Childalert internet family contracts.

3. Instruct your kids about internet privacy: they should never supply personal data and details to strangers on the web and social networks

4.Control the web camera as it can be easily misused by strangers. Turn off or unplug the webcam when you don’t use it.  Have children use the camera only for approved communication: with known friends and family while you are around.

5. If you or your children use Facebook, ( they should not under the age of 13)  and you share the wall with “Everyone” or “Friends of friends” then you have lost control of who has access to all data.

If one uses apps on Facebook, and is not careful, then one may end up sharing also all private data with the world See Childalert social network safety guide

Remember  information posted on the internet does not go away. Do not assume that when you delete a photo or even the whole social network account that you have automatically deleted all the data forever. Pictures and information might already saved on someone else’s computer.

Have a good chat about the pros and cons of the internet you’re your children and ensure they think twice about which pictures and details they use

Read Childlert Internet Safety Guide

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