Sep 27

change your energy supplier and top up your kids’ savings at the same time for FREE!

imgres-1A recent government report[1] revealed a shocking fact: 70% of households stick with the big six energy suppliers[2] despite them being up to 30% more expensive. This means that the average family could be over paying by £300 a year!
For many, the process of switching seems complex, the choice bewildering and they worry about hidden catches. Families in the UK have suffered too long. This has inspired a small revolution! 
Both Octopus Energy and KidStart are British entrepreneurial companies determined to help families. KidStart, a free service that enables parents to top up their kids’ savings, have teamed up with Octopuswhose mission is to make energy better, to launch a unique family energy offer. This new offer takes away the hassle of switching, provides clear and transparent pricing, has no exit fees or contract lock-ins, protects the planet and helps families save for the future – it’s a no brainer.

For more information / to switch / to save your £300 click here 


[1] Competitions and Markets Authority

[2] British Gas, EDF, Eon, Sottish power, Scottish & Southern and Npower

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