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Mar 18

5 Ways to Take Your Newborn to the Pool Safely

“My baby is two months old, and I was wondering how soon I can start getting her accustomed to the water?” Parents with newborns often ask this question – how soon can the baby be introduced to the water? There are a number of issues involved with introducing a child to water. So what are …

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Nov 29

The dangers of boiling water

Having the kettle boiling while the kids are playing in the kitchen can be dangerous. It just takes one of them to knock it over and there could be a serious injury – a definite safety risk. Dangers of boiling water There are many dangers inherent with boiling water, the most obvious of which is …

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Jun 27

I was horrified when I read this article about Adders in the Telegraph …….

A year ago a gardener friend rang me to say that I had a large number of snakes in my garden and that he thought they were Adders … and there were plenty more eggs waiting to hatch.! I went into overdrive wondering what to do, who to call, how to get rid of them. The …

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Jun 21

Is it just my friends or are parents in general unaware of the dangers surrounding water?

Here are three stories of children who very nearly drowned – their parents were with them when these accidents occurred but somehow they were either not concentrating or failed to realize the potential danger of children around water. Don’t they know that drowning is the third biggest cause of accidental death in the UK. Story …

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Feb 09

Speedo’s Learn to Swim Campaign

My daughter starts her swimming lessons on March 1st – there are two classes of 60 girls so one class goes the first term up to half term then the second class takes to the pool from half term to the end of the summer term. She is so excited – there is still some …

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