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Jan 12

Children love to read ..

Gripping adventures from Stacy Gregg with the Diamond Horse to Magical adventures with River Rose by Kelly Clarkson there are some wonderful children’s books out this new year. Others include : Quentin Blake’sThree Little Monkeys about Hilda Snibbs and the three monkeys who turn her life upside down. Beautifully illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark – …

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Nov 28

What kind things do your children do ?

A study of 1400 parents of 2-6 year olds, revealed the top twenty kind traits that are trickiest to teach children, including patience, good behaviour and understanding they can’t always have their own way. Tidying toys after playtime, not interrupting when someone is talking and not being jealous all feature highly on the list. What …

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Nov 22

A clever way to save when you shop.

There is no greater feeling than doing something good for your child. That’s why we’ve joined forces with our friends at KidStart to give you the chance to save money towards their future, every time you shop. What is KidStart? KidStart is a clever way to save when you shop. It’s a free shopping club …

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Oct 04

socket covers – are they a safety risk ?

A few years ago we wanted to raise awareness on the hazards of UK socket covers see our article here  It is not that the socket covers per say are dangerous – just that there is no regulation in their manufacture and they are made all over the world. The reason for their danger is …

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Sep 27

change your energy supplier and top up your kids’ savings at the same time for FREE!

A recent government report[1] revealed a shocking fact: 70% of households stick with the big six energy suppliers[2] despite them being up to 30% more expensive. This means that the average family could be over paying by £300 a year!   For many, the process of switching seems complex, the choice bewildering and they worry about hidden catches. Families in …

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Sep 05


New teen-drama series, is set to excite fans around the UK with its intriguing storylines, catchy music and engaging characters when it premieres on Disney Channel on 23rd September 2016. Dont miss out – watch the trailer below and tell us if you’re going to see it !         here’s a link …

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Aug 22

New Loveable bear food

Ready Brek – New, loveable bear brings you a deliciously smooth oat porridge filled with nutritious goodness* Ready Brek is introducing a new cuddly teddy bear mascot to the brand, with the new look packs now available nationwide. The new loveable Ready Bear has been charged with an important mission; to ensure children up and down the country …

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May 10

Childalert believe this is one of the most important topics to be aware of ….

How to talk to your child about the dangers of sexting Dr Hayley Van Zwanenberg, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from Woodbourne Priory Hospital, provides advice for parents who may be concerned their child is affected by sexting. You can download the information below in this handy PDF Parent’s Guide: How to talk to your child about the …

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May 09

How old is too old to have a baby?

    44, according to a recent survey of British women Do you agree?       The five most cited reasons as to why women believe 44 should be the cut-off age are: 1.    It is unfair on the child to have old parents 2.    Increased likelihood of health complications like Down’s Syndrome for …

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Apr 26

Exam Stress – how can you help!

Its that time of year again – exams are approaching – are your kids focusing or oblivious to the time needed to revise ! or re they quietly anxious and stressed   Here are some things to look out for/ warning signs perhaps that your child/ teenager may be suffering from stress or suffering from anxiety …

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