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Mar 18

5 Ways to Take Your Newborn to the Pool Safely

“My baby is two months old, and I was wondering how soon I can start getting her accustomed to the water?” Parents with newborns often ask this question – how soon can the baby be introduced to the water? There are a number of issues involved with introducing a child to water. So what are …

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Oct 05

Help keep colds at bay

Top tips for preventing the common cold Nobody escapes the common cold – according to the NHS, the average adult in the UK catches between two and four colds every year. Despite great advances in medicine, common virus infections such as the common cold or influenza continue to cause a considerable economic burden, due to …

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Jun 18

Child Safety Week kicks off with new research

‘New research for Child Safety Week reveals that child safety is threatened by stressed parents struggling with work pressures. Exhausted British parents no longer have enough time to prevent accidents and face more pressure than ever before according to the survey.’

Feb 06

The social taboo surrounding… head lice

I have a confession to make. I’ve had head lice. Not when I was 9 years old, no. Last year. At the grand old age of 31. The whole experience was – predictably – disgusting. I spent weeks with a very itchy head, not realising I was infested with these disgusting creeping creatures. I thought …

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Nov 21

Good Parents Getting Better – Toddler Trials

Our Guest post today is from relationship coach and mum-of-three, Ali McCloskey To see her online parenting courses go to As many of the parents I have worked with over the years have discovered, the dreaded toddler tantrums don’t necessarily start and end at two years old but, in reality, can begin any time …

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Sep 13

Starting school can be scary … for us parents!

Starting school can be scary, and I don’t just mean for the four-year-olds. No, starting school can be just as scary  for we parents. After all, there are so many new people to meet, and so much to discover. School has changed since our day…. Take making friends, for example. This sounds easy, but can …

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Jul 05

As many as 1 in 10 grandparents may be looking after their grandchildren

Grandparents play a vital role in children’s lives providing love and a sense of belonging to the family. Retirement is a time for grandparent’s to sit back, relax and enjoy spending time with their family. Over 200,000 grandparents, however, are acting as full time parents to their grandchildren and are experiencing the highs and lows …

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Jun 19

Child Safety Week 2011

We don’t want to ‘wrap children in cotton wool’. Scrapes and bruises are part of growing up. But we don’t think children should die, or be disabled or disfigured, in accidents that can be prevented. And even small changes – around your home or to your everyday routines – can make big differences to children’s …

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Apr 27

Royal Wedding Preparation

The event of the year will be taking place this Friday as we all are well aware by now. Whether you’re a royalist or anti-royal, it will be a day of celebration for the country. The only question remaining is: how will you be celebrating? Most schools will be off and many businesses will be …

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Apr 06

What was your worst purchase for baby?

We all remember the early expectant parent days. You’re so thrilled to be pregnant and the plethora of baby products out there make your shopping list prior to baby’s arrival ginormous! Often times, we buy up everything the “expert lists” tell us because we assume that, as they’re the “experts” they must know what we …

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