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Mar 19

Fatherhood ! no one warned me .

Another great video from Fiat  – I just love them – the music, the sense of  ‘it does happen to others too – not just me!’ and most importantly I love the humour. Take a look at it here and pass it onto friends and family – especially if they have just had a new borne …

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Mar 18

5 Ways to Take Your Newborn to the Pool Safely

“My baby is two months old, and I was wondering how soon I can start getting her accustomed to the water?” Parents with newborns often ask this question – how soon can the baby be introduced to the water? There are a number of issues involved with introducing a child to water. So what are …

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Mar 07

Pregnant Stacey Solomon caught smoking

Seven months pregnant Stacey Solomon was caught smoking four cigarettes in two hours as she stood in an alley way clutching her baby bump. ‘My Doctor said I could’ was her only comment ! The 22-year-old told The People newspaper: I know it doesn’t look good but I only have a few cigs a day.’ …

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Mar 01

Mum and Baby doing well!

A gorilla who was taken off the Pill on Valentine’s Day last year has given birth to a baby. Mother Asili – one of the six female Western Lowland gorillas at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Surrey – gave birth to the youngster last week  (Thursday 23rd February), and both mother and baby appear …

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Jan 26

What advice can you give a new parent?

I just love the idea of the KidStart Parent Challenge, which started today. KidStart have challenged two of their baby-free twenty-something recruits to look after 2 Realityworks RealCare babies for 5 days. Aside from the fact I am sure it will be amusing I think it’s a great way to show someone without kids what living …

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Jan 13

When your baby sleeps Mum must rest

My kids have a new cousin Louisa – very cute very beautiful but a headache for her new parents, especially at night. The problem is that Louisa will only fall asleep sucking a boob – so when she wakes up at night (four times…) she needs it again Her mum says  ‘I thought at x3 …

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Aug 09

What do Helena Bonham Carter,‘Kates’ Winslet, Beckinsale, Denise van Outen and many other celebrity mums have in common ?

They all agree ‘Breast is best’ –  however mothers need to know more about ‘how’ not ‘why ‘according to Clare Byam-Cook – an expert in helping mothers learn the techniques of feeding their baby. I can personally recommend her as she sat in my sitting room some 12 years ago to give me advice and …

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Apr 18

Eastenders Baby Drama comes to an end

Eastenders will end the dramatic story line of Kat and Alfie’s baby-switch drama this week with Ronnie finally confessing all and handing Baby Tommy back to his rightful parents. What began in January as a story about cot death, the Baby Swap story generated thousands of complaints as viewers spoke up about their feelings regarding …

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Apr 11

Is back to sleep causing problems?

We are all familiar with the Back to Sleep Campaign launched in 1994 which instructed parents to place their newborn babies to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). As a result of this directive, babies are spending more and more time on their backs which has apparently …

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