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Mar 23

What time do your children go to bed ?

We have a very strict routine in our household – bedtime for all our children(they range from 6-13) during the week is by 8 pm – they should try to sleep which mostly they do or otherwise read. Not only de we believe children need a good nights sleep but we need an evening! It …

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Oct 14

Did your parents tell you the same lies that you tell your kids?

My little girl creates the most comical monkey face and all the sounds that go with it – however someone  had mentioned that when the wind blows her face will remain that way ….. she asked nervously on the way to school this morning how she could tell when the wind would be changing direction … What white …

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Sep 13

Starting school can be scary … for us parents!

Starting school can be scary, and I don’t just mean for the four-year-olds. No, starting school can be just as scary  for we parents. After all, there are so many new people to meet, and so much to discover. School has changed since our day…. Take making friends, for example. This sounds easy, but can …

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