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Apr 26

Does your pre-teen have a Facebook page?

It’s all too easy for 11 / 12 ‘somethings’ to want to be part of the social network scene – why? – because their peers do and it appears it’s the way most now communicate. I wonder why that is – I know technology is second nature to kids nowadays but how sad it is …

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Feb 03

Is it ok for parents to let children’s boyfriend or girlfriend stay at home?

Call me old-fashioned but something caught my attention in the tube the other day. A couple of teenagers were cuddling-up and kissing in the seats opposite whilst the girl’s mum sat next to them. I know she was the girl’s mum because they looked like twins born 30 years apart. They seemed to be in …

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Jan 24

My child is scared of the dark…but electricity bills are soaring!

One day, out of the blue, my 4-year-old son decided that darkness was scary and requested to have the light on in the corridor at night, with the door open as wide as possible so he could check that is it indeed, on all night. I always promised myself I would never give in to …

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Dec 06

A book worth reading – the story of the ethical elephants

  I discovered this beautifully illustrated and exciting adventure book called Afindica which I read to my daughter. She adored the elephants and became captivated by their charm and presence.   Afindica would make a wonderful Christmas present and it also offers a strong moral standing – helping to save the elephants while also giving …

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Oct 14

Did your parents tell you the same lies that you tell your kids?

My little girl creates the most comical monkey face and all the sounds that go with it – however someone  had mentioned that when the wind blows her face will remain that way ….. she asked nervously on the way to school this morning how she could tell when the wind would be changing direction … What white …

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Sep 19

Easy chinese salad recipe that the kids enjoy too.

I made this over the weekend and it went down a treat! To save even more time on weeknights, make the dressing in the morning, throw all of the salad ingredients into a salad bowl, and then keep everything in the fridge. Then when you come home, add the peanuts and the dressing, and dinner …

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Aug 23

Have you ever humiliated your child in public?

I was in a department shop once when a mother screamed and humiliated her twin 5 year olds who hid behind the fashions she was picking out in embrassment. I was a young 20 something and questioned the mother as to what they had done to deserve such madness. She yelled at me asking if I has …

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Mar 10

Teenage Independence

Teenagers. A minefield of challenges and parenting struggles. Here are a few situations which friends have related to me about their teenage children. We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to handle these teenage dilemas… Yesterday when I met a friend of mine she was all fired up about her 14 year …

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Feb 17

The Time is Right

Recently a hot topic of conversation revolved around the issue of leaving your child home alone. When is it the right time to leave your child home alone? The Daily Mail told the story of two families opinions on the issue. What are your thoughts? Would you leave your child home alone and when is …

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Oct 20

SMART by Olivia age 7

At school today we learned about SMART. It was about being safe if you use the Internet. I use it sometimes but usually only when my sister gets off of it. S is for SAFE M is for MEET- don’t talk to anyone you don’t know on the Internet A is for don’t ACCEPT emails …

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