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Articles about keeping your children safe on the internet.

Mar 12

Does your child suffer from iPaddy syndrome ?!

Restricting the use of gadgets is the preferred form of punishment by most parents yet over half of parents continue to buy tech related gifts for their children such as iPads and smartphones Six out of ten (59%) parents say they have experienced an ‘iPaddy’ when they try and forcibly end their kids’ gadget game …

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Jan 04

Ever wish you could have family time, all the time?

Happy New Year everyone … Have you made any news years resolutions ? You’ve no doubt had a wonderful break and time with family and friends over the past few weeks. Don’t we all wish it could go on forever but sadly reality is back along with the daily routines of school and work. My …

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Dec 11

Dear Santa can I have a tablet this Christmas ?

If you’re planning on buying your child a laptop, tablet or smartphone for Christmas, please follow these six golden rules, which will ensure your child surfs safely in cyberspace over the winter break: 1. Update your  Antivirus and Security software 2. Be sure to be part of their leaning process helping them ( even if …

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Sep 24

Connect with Respect

Each year Safer Internet Day encourages parents and children alike to think about their internet usage and values – what agreements should be in place to avoid over use or misuse, how misuse of the internet can be registered and handled, how to stop bullying and addiction and much more. Normally we give advice to …

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Jun 28

What are your views on child safety?

Are you a parent that sees danger at every turn? Someone who’s afraid your child will get snatched/hurt and injured wherever they are? Or do you feel that the world has gone health and safety mad? Whatever your take we’d like to hear about it. Let us know your feelings, thoughts and experiences on being …

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Apr 26

Does your pre-teen have a Facebook page?

It’s all too easy for 11 / 12 ‘somethings’ to want to be part of the social network scene – why? – because their peers do and it appears it’s the way most now communicate. I wonder why that is – I know technology is second nature to kids nowadays but how sad it is …

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Feb 08

Lessons in “digital parenting”: is giving your child a smart phone actually dangerous?

You know the old argument: “I gave my child a phone so he/she can feel safe and so that I know where he/she is at all time”…Well think about it very carefully. What does your child actually have access to on his/her smart phone? Unlimited bullying, a pricey electronic gadget thieves particularly lust after, the …

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Feb 07

Safer Internet Day : Connecting Generations

You know the internet can be a wonderful platform for children to learn and communicate, but you also know that it can be a dangerous place. So have you done what you should as a parent and blocked some sites, put some filters in place, checked their latest browsing history? It’s not about intruding on …

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May 18

How to Disable Photo Tagging in Facebook

Despite photo tagging being one of the more popular features on Facebook, some people may find it annoying and intrusive when it happens without their permission. Moreover, figuring out how to disable or “opt out” of photo tagging isn’t as simple as it should be; digging through Facebook’s Privacy Settings can quickly become an overwhelming …

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Mar 30

Social Networking Safety

Social networks like Facebook offer children a great way to express themselves and keep in touch with family and friends. But there are potential risks including cyber bullying and the misuse of personal information. As a parent it’s really important you familiarise yourself with social networks to support your children, but how do you go …

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