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Mar 07

Pregnant Stacey Solomon caught smoking

Seven months pregnant Stacey Solomon was caught smoking four cigarettes in two hours as she stood in an alley way clutching her baby bump. ‘My Doctor said I could’ was her only comment ! The 22-year-old told The People newspaper: I know it doesn’t look good but I only have a few cigs a day.’ …

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Feb 06

The social taboo surrounding… head lice

I have a confession to make. I’ve had head lice. Not when I was 9 years old, no. Last year. At the grand old age of 31. The whole experience was – predictably – disgusting. I spent weeks with a very itchy head, not realising I was infested with these disgusting creeping creatures. I thought …

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Feb 01

Guess what? Even your car isn’t safe. A Helpful Tech Innovation For all Parents

Hackers have recently proved that it’s simple (for them anyway) to get into the GSM based security systems used by major manufacturers including BMW, Hyundai and Ford. The basic idea behind a GSM security system is that you can control your vehicle from your own phone, thereby keeping it safe. Well, two security professionals recently …

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Jan 26

What advice can you give a new parent?

I just love the idea of the KidStart Parent Challenge, which started today. KidStart have challenged two of their baby-free twenty-something recruits to look after 2 Realityworks RealCare babies for 5 days. Aside from the fact I am sure it will be amusing I think it’s a great way to show someone without kids what living …

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Jan 24

My child is scared of the dark…but electricity bills are soaring!

One day, out of the blue, my 4-year-old son decided that darkness was scary and requested to have the light on in the corridor at night, with the door open as wide as possible so he could check that is it indeed, on all night. I always promised myself I would never give in to …

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Jan 23

Road Safety Tips: Helping your children to be safe in traffic!

Every week, Great Britain has an average of 9 children (below 6 years of age) either seriously injured or killed. Irrespective of the nation, the data signals the significance of road safety for children. You cannot stop children from going outdoors for fear of accident. But you can educate them to follow guidelines and rules …

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Jan 18

My New Year’s resolution: be a better parent

StreetSmartKids are so excited to introduce childalert’s new mummy blogger Charlotte Kan. Charlotte is a free lance journalist with 10 Years experience in print, broadcast and internet media. She has two young boys of 4 and 21/2 years – what a handful! But being in the ‘deep end of motherhood she understands childalert and the …

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Dec 18

Top Tips on how to wrap your Christmas Presents

Ever had trouble wrapping those small or big Christmas Presents – the paper doesn’t fit, the shape doesn’t lend itself to an easy fold, it’s so small that it is bound to get lost under the Christmas tree ….. Well help is now at hand – here are some top tips and you can also …

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Dec 06

A book worth reading – the story of the ethical elephants

  I discovered this beautifully illustrated and exciting adventure book called Afindica which I read to my daughter. She adored the elephants and became captivated by their charm and presence.   Afindica would make a wonderful Christmas present and it also offers a strong moral standing – helping to save the elephants while also giving …

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Nov 21

Good Parents Getting Better – Toddler Trials

Our Guest post today is from relationship coach and mum-of-three, Ali McCloskey To see her online parenting courses go to As many of the parents I have worked with over the years have discovered, the dreaded toddler tantrums don’t necessarily start and end at two years old but, in reality, can begin any time …

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