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Feb 03

Creating a happy home: Top tips for mood-boosting interiors

Is your home a healthy, happy environment? If not this could be down to your home interior. Did you know that the right interior can boost the mood? If you’re looking to create a more harmonious living environment for you and your family, a little revamp of your current décor could be just what’s needed. …

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May 14

School doesn’t always have to mean head lice

Head lice are a fact of life for most parents, particularly during term time when children’s close proximity allows them to spread quickly, with one in three children likely to get head lice during the school year[1]. Here’s a quick guide to the pesky things. What are they? Head lice are small insect (about 2.5mm …

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Apr 22

Does your child kick up a stink when it’s time to brush their teeth?

Have you thought about the reasons why they don’t like it? Sometimes they just need some encouragement and incentive like the teeth chart below. In some cases it can actually be down to the toothpaste they are using. Perhaps get them to choose the toothpaste with you. Here are some teeth ‘facts’ – sometimes telling …

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Jan 04

Ever wish you could have family time, all the time?

Happy New Year everyone … Have you made any news years resolutions ? You’ve no doubt had a wonderful break and time with family and friends over the past few weeks. Don’t we all wish it could go on forever but sadly reality is back along with the daily routines of school and work. My …

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Dec 20

Is Christmas pulling at your purse strings…….

Our home is a buzz with Christmas festive joy – the decorations are up and fridge packed to the brim with goodies including the turkey.  The stockings are hanging from the fire place and pretty much (believe it or not) we are ready for Christmas day. Every year however gets more expensive …  we have …

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Dec 12

How to Protect Your Kids over Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time of year, especially if you have children. The run up to the seasonal preparations can be exciting and run smoothly when suddenly out of know where – there seems to be three, two, one week before the big day! It all comes in a rush with the children breaking …

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Jun 29

Hydrated children perform better and are better behaved !

There has been alot of talk and discussion recently about the need to allow children to have a bottle of water by their side especially at school … Bridget Benelam, Senior Nutrition Scientist  said “We know there is a lot of confusion about how much and what children should be drinking. Water is a great …

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May 11

Is sport for pre-school children a good thing?

The last thing young children need is another activity to cram in to their already busy schedules. In this day of technology, shouldn’t parents just get them home to watch TV, play a computer games or send an email? To chill out ! Luckily (in hindsight) my parents were very keen for me to get …

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Feb 01

Guess what? Even your car isn’t safe. A Helpful Tech Innovation For all Parents

Hackers have recently proved that it’s simple (for them anyway) to get into the GSM based security systems used by major manufacturers including BMW, Hyundai and Ford. The basic idea behind a GSM security system is that you can control your vehicle from your own phone, thereby keeping it safe. Well, two security professionals recently …

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Jan 26

What advice can you give a new parent?

I just love the idea of the KidStart Parent Challenge, which started today. KidStart have challenged two of their baby-free twenty-something recruits to look after 2 Realityworks RealCare babies for 5 days. Aside from the fact I am sure it will be amusing I think it’s a great way to show someone without kids what living …

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